Steel Pallets

Steel Pallets are widely used in the concrete product production line for manufacturing products like concrete blocks, pavers, interlocking pavers, Kerbstones, Cinder Blocks etc. As compared to other types of pallets, steel pallets are sturdier and come with a longer lifetime.

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing of steel pallet for concrete products is done exclusively from the steel procured from POSCO, South Korea, which is one of the largest integrated steel mills in the world.

After the Carbon Steel plates required as the raw material for the manufacture of steel pallet are received in the factory, warehousing is carried out. During this step, the quality of the materials to be used is ascertained to ensure that only the most suitable quality of Steel is used for manufacturing of pallets. Several standards are used to determine the quality of the materials. Only high tensile strength steel is used to carry out next steps of the manufacturing process. The next step is the most important step carried out for cutting the pallet by using state of the art, CNC Plasma Arc Cutting Machine. In this process, metal is cut by melting a small section of the metal plate, involving the use of a jet flow of hot ionized gas at a high velocity, and using latest computer technology ensuring the exact dimensions as required by the client are achieved. The constricted arc melts the metal and the molten material is removed by using a kerf. All types of torches used in plasma arc cutting constrict the arc by allowing it to pass through an orifice from the electrode to the workpiece.

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While passing through the orifice, the gas is heated to a very high temperature. This gas expands and accelerates as it goes through the constricting orifice. Plasma arc cutting method has several advantages like

  • It allows for precise cutting, which is very useful for pallets for block machines.
  • The shape of the metal suffers from minimal risk of changing.
  • Carbon Steel is widely used to be cut with slag-free cuttings.
  • It is a fast process that allows for working at all positions.

Once the steel pallet has been cut in the precise shape as required by customer, several steps of inspection and levelling is carried out to get the desired steel pallet dimensions. During this process, the pallets are also chamfered and the presence of any sharp edges are duly removed.

After the first inspection, the pallet is levelled and trimmed. These steel pallets for concrete products pass through the 3,000 MT leveler machine to achieve the highest level of flatness of pallets. It is the most powerful leveller for such application in South Korea. All the corners are made round and uneven surfaces are further smoothened. The pallet is again inspected for any non-uniformity that might still be present. Once the pallet is completely levelled, it’s covered by anti-rust oil. Our steel pallets often undergo rigorous testing which are carried out by third-parties such as Llyods, SGS, etc. for material grade, origin and numerous other specifications.


The size of the pallet, i.e. the length, width and thickness, can be adjusted according to the customer needs. The pallet is made flat along all directions. Sharpness at the corners and edges are rounded using license techniques. Smooth corners provide the much needed safety and improve the life-expectancy of the pallet. In short, steel pallets can be ordered so as to meet your specifications.


Special Steel type for high vibration resistance and transmission. Pallets are usually cut from carbon steel plates that correspond to German DIN St44-2 (JIS SS400), which has a tensile strength of 400-510 MPa, and St52-3 (JIS SS490) with a tensile strength of 490-610 MPa.

Round Edges

15/20 radius round corners. Hand ground for chamfers on all lengths.


  • Minimum of ±1.5mm for the length and width
  • ±1mm/m in terms of flatness when measured by a straight edge
  • Diagonal tolerance of ±3mm
  • Thickness tolerance of ±0.3mm
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Export Packaging

  • Treatment with anti rust oil
  • Less than 3 MT per bundle on wooden bars, fastened with steel bands wrapped around many times with thick plastic wrap to rev up protection of pallets in transit.


  • By Third party inspection like Lloyds, SGS etc. for Material Grade, origin and other specifications.


Our steel pallets are generally manufactured in sizes that cater to concrete block, Kerbstone, pavers and other concrete products. Steel pallets come in various standard sizes, besides those that are custom manufactured.

Some of these sizes are –

  • 1400mm X 1400mm X 14t
  • 1400mm X 1300mm X 14t
  • 1400mm X 1100mm X 14t
  • 1400mm X 700mm X 14t
  • 660 X 470 X 8t

As of now, these are working as :

  • Steel Pallets for MASA 9.1XL & 9.2XL Block Machines
  • Steel Pallets for HESS RH1500 & RH2000 Block Machines
  • Steel Pallets for HAREX GOLD-2010 Block Machine
  • Steel Pallets for ZENITH Block Machine
  • Steel Pallets for KVM Block Machine
  • Steel Pallets for FRIMA Block Machine
  • Steel Pallets for BESSER Block Machine


Some of the benefits of using steel pallets are as mentioned below:

  • Constructed using high quality high tensile carbon steel plates from POSCO.
  • CNC Plasma arc cutting method is a near perfect fabrication method to achieve dimensional accuracy.
  • Steel pallets provide great flatness. Our pallets pass through the 3,000 MT leveler machine to achieve the highest level of flatness of pallets. It is the most powerful leveller for such application in South Korea.
  • These pallets have very good vibration transmission.
  • All corners are round and they have a long-lasting life.
  • Material is strictly of POSCO origin.
  • Only Carbon Steel Plates are used. We do not use Steel Coil.

Steel pallets are widely used in the concrete block production line, and are offered as perfectly levelled and completely flat steel pallets. Your specifications can be met by GPE at very reasonable prices. For you steel pallet requirements, look no further as GPE offers the perfect options for you.